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Looking to expand your network, develop strong relationships across industries, and acquire new customers? There’s a place for you at our table! We looking for talented professionals who want to transform their businesses through referrals and networking:


Sole Practitioners

Business Owners

Commission-Based Salespeople

Health & Wellness Professionals

Business & Personal Advisors


Transform Your Business

Are You…

An established professional who believes in the power of networking to transform your business, BNI provides you with the platform to:

  • Hone your skills, week after week. In marketing, consistency is key!
  • Keep on task, with an established, structured environment.
  • Expand your network into new industries you’ve never considered.
  • Leverage your current network in an environment of “Givers Gain.”
  • Test a new message on a like-minded group of entrepreneurs.
  • Polish your public speaking skills in a new setting.

New to your profession or business? Looking to grow a customer base and transform your business? The Breakfast of Champions is the place to:

  • Master your networking skills in your new field.
  • Learn from other entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses.
  • Develop skills to successfully market your venture.
  • Galvanize an enthusiastic sales force to expand your marketing reach.
  • Gain a group of trusted advisors to help with your transition.
  • Tweak your brand, offering, and image on an ongoing basis.

Why BNI 45


Meet your referral partners

About BNI

BNI (Business Networking International) is the longest standing and most successful networking organization of its kind. Individual members come to know and trust each other, building long term relationships to grow their careers. Those working in similar fields develop industry-related “power spheres” to leverage their skills and create more business together. The ideas behind the established networking platform have been tweaked for over 30 years and are extremely successful. An important distinction from other networking organizations is that each seat represents an individual profession and there is no overlap.

The BNI concepts are not only proven to develop and grow the members’ individual businesses, but theystrengthen and expand the network of the chapter as a whole. The main philosophy is “Giver’s Gain.” The more you give to your fellow member; the more you’ll receive in return. This translates into millions of dollars worth of closed business every year as everyone grows and prospers together.

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Join us for the Breakfast of Champions – you’ll be glad you did!

Wednesday Mornings, 7:00 am – 8:30 am

$25.00 Visitor Fee; Includes a hot breakfast!


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