In January, we hear a lot about resolutions. Resolutions are easy to commit to – verbally. But change doesn’t come from resolving once; it comes from consistently, perhaps daily, making the decision to do what’s necessary to produce and *sustain* a different reality. It requires investing in the unseen in a repetitive way. That’s why change often isn’t very enticing, and isn’t much fun while you’re doing it. What sustains us

I always liked the concept of charisma, because I was around when it was invented. Well, OK, I was around when it was invented in Dungeons and Dragons. Charisma is a misunderstood quotient, but here, as in so many things, D&D reveals the deeper realities underlying our native perceptions. Charisma is a Scalable Attribute The D&D wiki defines Charisma as “force of personality, persuasiveness, personal magnetism, ability to lead, and physical attractiveness… actual strength

We all sell products and services, but those AREN’T the cornerstones of our businesses. We only have businesses because we produce personal transformation. That means we need to move past the pitch to the pivot. Somewhere in our businesses we produce a change for the customer that is more than time-saving, convenience, comfort, safety, look, and feel. Those are basic needs or core desires, but if that’s all we do then we aren’t

I was in Fresh & Co recently, and they have a sign in the bathroom saying (to paraphrase) “we are meticulous about cleanliness. If there’s any ‘improvement’ needed in the bathroom, please alert the staff and it will be handled immediately.” That made me ask “What is MY brand *meticulous* about?” I put a lot of thought into it, and figured out that this is not only a great question, but

All introductions are not referrals, but all referrals require introductions. Perfecting the introduction e-mail is a MUST. Generally we send one e-mail message addressing both parties, say what they do, where they add value, and why we’re making the introduction. The Inadequate Introduction Ever gotten a note like this? “Jim, you and Deena should connect. Jim’s website is and Deena’s in my BNI. I leave it to you guys!” You

Effective networking is largely about passing QUALITY referrals. The quality isn’t so much about WHO is being referred as the WORK put into it by the referrer. A less-than-quality referral is not simply an introduction that doesn’t pan out. If we’re turning it in as a referral to be counted (which we do not do with introductions, valuable as those are), we’re saying we put at least a minimum level of care into creating

One of the great things about systematic networking, the way we do it in a BNI group, is the elevator pitches change frequently. Lots of people focus on one theme per month but give a different commercial every week. That’s a great way to do it, too, because our audience is less likely to tune out, and more likely to hear a new facet of our services or current area of need. It

Like it or not, we get busy during the week and forget to think about others. Yet, the easiest way to stay top of mind with another person is to DO something to help that person. ACTION, more than anything, gets noticed, and consistent action gets pondered and rewarded. Some of the things we can do for others include: Make an introduction (a referral is nice, too, but that takes selling as

When mediaeval man would hunt, it wasn’t just for meat and not just for himself. The hunt was just a starting place. From the hunter’s gain, the butcher also profited. And from there, the tanner had his success. And then the clothes maker, the saddle maker, clothier, brush maker, horn and bone workers, and so on. One animal would bring in work for an entire economy. That’s the premise in networking,

I now have a turntable, and an old fashioned AM/FM receiver. Don’t judge me; I live in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). And if you’re cool, I’ll show you pictures. Three reasons for this: There’s something about listening to an album all the way through, the way it was crafted. There’s music you can’t get on digital. Even if you could get it, there’s music you wouldn’t take time to listen to, if you didn’t